Case Management


Targeted Case
Management (TCM )


TCM services provide specialized, in-home case management services to Medicaid eligible individuals that primarily have moderate or severe physical, emotional, and/or mental health diagnosis. We assist in gaining access to:

  • Housing services
  • Vocational services
  • Medical services
  • Educational services
  • Social/Behavioral services
  • Other community services

TCM Coordinators work with you to offer support, empowerment, and link partners and resources to make a lasting difference in your life.

Community Support Associate (CSA)


CSA assists clients to work more extensively on their personal goals listed in their client-centered treatment plan in order to allow clients to live with maximum independence in the community.  CSA will work with clients up to about 3 hours per day to help practice and implement these skills.  The CSA will can work short-term or long-term to reach the client’s goals.  

CSA services provide specialized, in-home services to Medicaid eligible individuals that need additional support in the following areas:
  • Skill Training – Identify triggers for crisis and develop positive coping skills
  • Medication Adherence Support –  Adherence with taking medication as prescribed and side effects
  • Community Resources – Learn local resources and how to use them
  • Emotional Regulation Skills Development – Learn to understand and accept emotions, use healthy strategies and engage in healthy behaviors when distressed
  • Crisis Management/Development – Recognize feelings, reach out to family/friends, and talk to others about the crisis
  • Developing/Enhancing Interpersonal Skills – Learn and improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills, problem solving, decision-making, and assertiveness skills.
  • Teaching Parenting Skills – Help parents learn and practice effective parenting
  • Managing finances and shopping skills – Assisting to learn shopping skills, best buys, and effective budgeting strategies