Community Awards

In the past five years, Parsons Counseling & Play Therapy Center has awarded more than $11,000 in scholarships to local high school graduates. “Our Scholarship fund is our way of giving back to seniors in Madison County,” said Lisa Parsons, owner of Parsons Counseling & Play Therapy Center. Recipients demonstrated overcoming obstacles, being a leader, achieving personal goals, and living a life of integrity. 

To Apply:

Parsons Counseling, LLC is pleased to continue Parsons Counseling Award, a $500 college or technical school scholarship to be given to one Madison County Senior to be presented at his/her Senior Awards Ceremony in May 2024.


Deadline To Apply: April 30, 2024


Requirements To Apply: 


  1. Cover Page: Student’s name, address, phone number, age, grade, GPA, ACT score, and college or technical school to attend.  

  2. There are five different categories to write an essay on. The applicant is to choose one category that will be the best fit for them to have the highest opportunity to be chosen for the award.  


At least a 500 word typed essay to address any one of the following categories: 


  • Overcomer – Struggles that you have been overcome or working to overcome that have made you a better person and empowered you to seek out your career goals, passions, and make positive changes in your life and in others. 

  • Leadership – Leadership opportunities and how these opportunities will assist you in your college or future pursuits

  • Entrepreneur –  What have you done to become an entrepreneur during your high school years, future goals to run your own business, and what you have learned.

  • Achievement – Incorporating leadership, academics, college readiness, and positive contributions you have made in the community and/or religious organization

  • Integrity – Describe how you have lived a life of integrity throughout your high school life through academia, clubs, after school involvement, sports, religious organizations, and service opportunities.


  1. One typed recommendation letter from a teacher, coach, church leader, or community partner stating the positive attributes the student has including leadership skills, college readiness, positive contributions the individual has made to others, and 3 reasons that the student should receive this award. Recommendation letter to include relationships with student, years of knowing student, name of the person writing the recommendation letter, and contact number.


Submission of Completed Packet includes: 

Cover Page, Essay, and Recommendation Letter in a sealed envelope. Hand deliver to front desk administrator in Suite 8 or mail to: 208 Kidd Drive, Attn: Lisa Parsons, Berea, KY 40403

Ineligible to apply: Children of interns or employees at Parsons Counseling, LLC.