Parsons Counseling & Play Therapy Center is committed to everyone’s rights to affordable mental health counseling and supportive services by being credentialed with the majority of  insurance companies, and offering an affordable cash rate plan.  Our center focuses on strengthening families by offering counseling services for children, individuals, and the whole family.  Additional services offered include support groups for teens and adults, parenting classes, Targeted Case Management, and Supervised Visitation.  We collaborate with physicians, DCBS, schools, and community minded partners to decrease family stressors.  We believe in the Family System Theory that when one member of the family is in crisis, the whole family has been affected and needs assistance.




We use the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) model with all our clients to establish a solid foundation of breathing techniques, identifying emotions, identifying triggers on a Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) Scale, and challenging negative self-talk to a new emotional positive state.  It is important to us to assist adults and children to LEARN new coping skills, tell their story to HEAL, and take what has been learned in sessions into their daily lives to THRIVE.   

The center offers expertise in play therapy by having the only Registered Play Therapist Supervisor practicing in Madison County.  Additionally, we offer the only private practice child centered playroom which allows children as young as two years old to be served.   We are devoted to making a difference in our community by being flexible to the needs in our community, creating programs that strengthen families, and providing exceptional services where client care comes first!