At Parsons Counseling we love working with teens.  We are able to utilize are speciality of Play & Expressive Therapy techniques to assist our client teens to open up and understand their issues.  We understand that sometimes having another adult for your teen to talk assists allows your teen to open up and feel better.  It is our desire to give your teen a good role model and a caring professional to talk to.  Most teens report enjoying going to therapy even if they were resistant at first.  We know that parents and teens face unique challenges as they see their roles and responsibilities shifting within the family.   We enjoy working with parents and teenager, either together or separately, to address:

•   Improved communication skills
•   Setting boundaries with peers
•   Relationship issues and conflict
•   Cutting and self-harm
•   Dealing with bullying
•   Discernment for future goals
•   Self-esteem and peer pressure
•   Deciphering through social media and cyber bullying
•   Mental Health issues such as depression and anxiety
•   Transitional issues: divorce, changing schools, moved, and change in guardianship or foster care
•   Parent education and resources