Community Awards

In the past three years, Parsons Counseling & Play Therapy Center has awarded more than $7500 in scholarships to local high school graduates.

“Our Scholarship fund is our way of giving back to seniors in Madison County,” said Lisa Parsons, owner of Parsons Counseling & Play Therapy Center. “This year we awarded two $500 scholarships, in addition to two $250 scholarships for honorable mentions and $1500 awarded to three students who are a part of the Parsons family.” Students in Madison County were able to apply for two scholarships by submitting a 500-word essay in one of five categories: how they have overcome difficult challenges, become a leader or learned leadership skills, started their entrepreneur adventure, have achieved personal goals, or have lived a life of integrity.

This year’s recipient of the $500 Parsons Counseling Award at Madison Central demonstrated overcoming obstacles, achieving personal goals, becoming a natural leader, and lives a life of impeccable character. Isaiah Davis is hardworking academically and as an athlete. He leads by example, helps others strive to be their best, and gives service to others.

This year’s Madison Southern recipient demonstrated overcoming obstacles, being a leader, achieving personal goals, and living a life of integrity. McKenzie Kirby’s moving essay inspired the selection committee with her submission. Her teacher said that her quiet, caring nature and personality allowed her to work well with others in a team setting, as she always respects others’ opinions.

Since Madison Southern has been such a supporter of Parsons Counseling, Lisa Parsons decided to award two additional $250 Honorable Mention Awards in her mother’s honor who died April 5, 2020.

Lisa Parsons’ mother, JJ Bond, was a stay-at-home mom but received a bachelor’s degree in education. Even though she did not formally teach she was always teaching, volunteering, learning to increase her talents in the arts, and her fun personality was always bringing people together.

Rebecca Bowman was chosen for her community service, sharing her talents through volunteering, and participating in various church activities that brought people together. Alexandria Lamb demonstrated her love for children by being a teacher, creative, and her desire to be a positive influence in their lives.

Parsons Counseling believes in giving seniors an opportunity to learn office skills through hiring seniors to work in our offices the last three years. Miriam Parsons has learned office skills, how to clean and organize, engage children while a parent is in session, and do whatever was asked of her. She started working six years ago by painting walls and initially setting up Parsons Counseling. She has been awarded this year’s Parsons Counseling Family & Support Scholarship.

A $500 Family Award has been presented to Erin Lewis in gratitude for her mother’s dedication to Parsons Counseling and to our community by offering case management services.

A $500 Family Award has been presented to Benjamin Orchard in gratitude for his mother’s pioneer efforts in building the Targeted Case Management division at Parsons Counseling. Jenny Orchard offered dedicated service to our community and Parsons Counseling for three and a half years.

Congratulations to Rebecca Bowman, Isaiah Davis, McKenzie Kirby, Alexandria Lamb, Erin Lewis, Benjamin Orchard and Miriam Parsons.