“Happiness is an inside job.” This is my philosophy that is up to us to decide if we choose to learn the skills to be happy and incorporate them into our lives. My second favorite saying is from The Lego Movie, “Everyone is Awesome when you are part of a team.” When we feel part of something our lives shift whether it is by volunteering, working, or being with friends and family.

I absolutely love being a Clinical Counselor & Registered Play Therapist! I love to look at your issues through sand therapy, art, and the playroom to get to the root of your issues if you are a child or an adult, I do not discriminate, it works for everyone. I will spend a lot of time using challenging interventions which will allow you to incorporate your coping skills and catch the negative thoughts that come to you to change them to a positive such as I can do this, I can do hard things, and I did it last time so I can do it again. I utilize creative intervention as Madison County’s’ only practicing Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and teach my Awesome Clinical Team these interventions too.

My specialties are being a Registered Play Therapist, EMDR trained, Autplay Certified, Theraplay Level 1 Certificate, TF-CBT trained/supervision completed, Gottman Level 1 & 2 Trained, & a Clinical Counselor Supervisor for associate-level counselors.

EMDR is a healing alternative to talk-therapy. I believe in all my training and skills as a play therapist because you can see your issues more clearly however since I have been trained in EMDR I now have the skills to heal you from what stops you from progressing forward. My clients continuously tell me that they are amazed that after a few sessions they feel better. They see more clearly what they need to do to continue to heal and they have unlocked their emotional brain that kept them in their trauma. It is AMAZING, truly.

With 30 years of volunteer and professional experiences, I have worked with children and families from diverse backgrounds and challenges. My passion is strengthening the family system by increasing attachment and setting boundaries through positive parenting and assisting in reuniting families through parenting education and family sessions. As a mother of five children, I understand firsthand the challenges of raising children into adulthood.

It is my desire to have all my clients LEARN new coping skills, HEAL from their trauma, and THRIVE in their future.