I am the newest member of the Parsons Counseling team, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, experienced in both Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling. I specialize in relating to clients from all backgrounds, and helping them develop new “building blocks” of coping and communication skills. I am open to allowing a client’s spirituality to be part of their healing process, while remembering to apply logical principles to the issues at hand. I look forward to meeting you, so you, too, can use those skills to make better decisions and to navigate through the next steps in your life. I look forward to learning additional helping skills as part of the Parsons Counseling team to offer you, or another member of your family, the best counseling experience possible.

I went back to graduate school to become a counselor at age 40 (2010) after a career as a salesperson. I find the same traits and skills that made me a good salesperson also help me as a counselor: the most important being a desire to help my client reach their goals. I often say I’m still in sales, I just sell “hope” now.

“When we learn to respond rather than react, that’s when we find our power.” – Mary Gina Connor